fine art


After a career as a conservation biologist, and now realising his love of nature as a volunteer on Crete every summer for ARCHELON (the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece), Simon has followed in his father‘s footsteps as an artist.

After studying at various art schools in London (London Fine Art Studios, Dulwich Art Group and School, and Heatherley School of Fine Art) he works in a realist tradition in a range of subjects, with a passion for figurative art.

He teaches the ‚Fun with Portraits‘ class at the project in Sivas, and runs a life class when he is in England.


still life with teapot | oil on canvas board | 27, 9 x 35,6 cm

orange and apple | oil on canvas board | 12,5 x 17,8 cm













portrait of india

oil on canvasboard

40 x 30 cm

standing figure ‚Carla‘                             charcoal on brown paper | 62 x 33 cm

cast drawing 2           

charcoal on white paper | 65 x 33 cm

cast drawing 1

charcoal on brown paper | 65 x 33 cm