Petrokefali | 33 x 48,5 cm

alithini | 33 x 48,5 cm

Sivas | 33 x 48,5 cm

Vori | 33 x 48,5 cm

RENÉ TRIEBL            



Since the age of 7 regular education in painting and photography from father Alfred, an art teacher, gallerist and painter in the at that time upcoming Vienna school of phantastic realism.     
Lives and works together with his wife Grethe Bjerring in Kamilari/ Crete, Wr. Neustadt/Austria and Surdesti/Romania.

1996 – first single photo exhibition in Tokaj/Hungary.


2000 Single exhibition „The moment of harmony“ in the Romanian Embassy in Vienna.


2003 begin of photo project „patterns of Crete“.


2007 first single photoexhibition in Crete in the Art Cafe „Figaro“ in Rethymnon.


2008 In association with „7 Zile“ publication of photo book: „7 Zile/7 years in Maramures“, edition Humanitas/Bucharest.

2013 „United Colours of Maramures“ art camp and exhibition in ocna Sugatag and Baia Mare, Romania

2014 Begin of annual „Kamilari Photo Calender“                                     

2016 „Patterns“, House of Culture, Rethymnon group exhibition with Renate la Grange, Grethe Bjerring and Walter Müller

2017 „Timeless“, Archaeological Museum of Patras group exhibition with Renate la Grange, Grethe Bjerring and Walter Müller                                         


2018 „Crete – into the Blue“, solo exhibition Taverna Semeli, Choudetsi near “Labyrinth” festival and workshops.                                                        


2019 „Ingerlbegegnen“ organisation, curator and developer of a series of art events in Wiener Neustadt with guided tours, public screenings and publisher of the album  „Ingerlbegegnen“ together with Walter Müller (Kurt Ingert, austrian painter and sculptor and graphic artist.)

2019 „Gardens in the Labyrinth” (Crete: myths, paradises, solitudes) Schloss Bad Fischau with Grethe Bjerring and Walter Müller                                                     


2019 Little paradises                    

Little paradises, „Art-in-Kamilari“                                          


Little paradises                     

Travelling around Crete I was always especially touched by these so carefully arranged courtyards and little gardens around the entrance of private houses. They reflect for me the desire of creating a kind of personal paradise, expression of the desire for an ideal world, for beauty and harmony. They are often created with minimum resources and slender means, but always as an alternative world to the everyday life in order to build some kind of a “small paradise” in its best sense, following the imagination of its historic origin as a walled or fenced garden (oldpersian:“pairi-daeza”- fenced plot ) a place to recreate, socialise and enjoy.



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Kamilari | 33 x 48,5 cm