metal sculptor

My art originally resorted to the „rubbish“ of consumer society, so it was obvious to craft the first objects primarily from scrap. Finds and „rubbish“ remain an inspiration for my creative work today.

I understand this work as an exchange between the material found and specifically chosen on the one side and its history on the other side, a history that is always the history of humans as well. The work of the artist, too, takes place within the frame work predetermined by society.                    


Nevertheless, „freedom“ exists in those moments, in which art does not have to follow economic necessities in every detail.
Some of my objects and sculptures are shown here.


They have their price, since the existence of the artist is bound to money and commodities as well.

garden birds                                                     

brass and steel forged | 2 m high

mino taurus

steel forged  | 30 cm


brass and steel | 1,20 m high