german/swiss Artist travelling back and forth between Switzerland and  crete. For more than 35 years she has been working with theatre and art scenes. As a trained, freelance working, she always discovers something special in the expression of faces. Her portraits are speaking their own very specific language. They are influenced by the egyptian/byzantine culture and its history.

girl with pearl earring | acryl on canvas | 40x30  |2018

who`s coming? | Acryl on canvas | 30x24 | 2018

who`s coming ? | acryl on canvas | 18x15

maria II                

acryl, gold leaf on old wood window | 2019

acryl, gold leaf on old wood
25 x 10 cm | 2019

maria IV
acryl, gold leaf, on old wood 
60 x 15 cm | 2019