fine art


Although starting his career as a scientist (biology and ecology), Simon has always been fascinated by art and attended many classes over the years in the UK, as well as taking a Diploma in Art History (Modernism) at the University of Sussex. Recently he has attended several terms learning classical realism (drawing and painting) at the London School of Fine Arts and the Dulwich Art Group.


He now teaches an oil painting class for beginners at the ΑΤΕΛΙΕ project in Sivas.


His subjects range from still life and landscape to the figure and portraits, and he would like to continue to explore our complicated, evolving and essential         relationship with nature, of which we are a part, through his pictures.



crouching woman
28 x 42 cm (portrait), ink, framed

portrait of a man                          

50 x 50 cm, ink and watercolour on paper, framed

seated woman
28 x 42 cm (portrait), ink and watercolour, framed

study of a man
29 x 40 cm (portrait), Oil on canvas board

sleeping woman
35 x 75 cm, Graphite on paper, framed