fine art


Born 1965 in Wiesbaden
1992-1998 Study of fine arts at the University of Arts, Berlin
Masterstudent of the class of Wolfgang Petrick
1998-2008 flight attendant Lufthansa
2009 moved to Crete
Since 2011 Iconpainting
married, 2 children,
lives and works as an artist and as a trekking guide in Crete



between the caves
30 x 40, mixed media

kamares forrest
30 x 40, mixed media

The landscape of Crete is full of magic. Wild gorges, barren ridges, ancient holm-oak forests and breathtaking coastlines lying as close to each other, as hardly anywhere else. After my walks, I felt inspired for days. I connected places on the map, studied satellite imagery, searched new routes. Sometimes I intuitively found my way; sometimes I encountered obstacles or lost my way in the seemingly untouched landscape, I found half decayed Mitatas (mountain huts), enclosed springs, protective caves and stone steps, smoothed out in centuries. Fascinated, I recognized the archaic network of paths, which is orientated towards water and accessible       terrain, as old as the relationship between man and     mountain. Here every stone breathes history, Earth history in geologic layers and fossils, but also human history.     Here already the Minoans wandered to their places of     worship, the Cretan resistance fighters hid themselves from the many different occupants of the island. Generations of shepherds lived here in the annual rhythm with their animals every year to feed their families with milk and cheese. And yet it always remains a special, a magical and adventurous world; a world that requires respect. Here nature has the say and determines our scope. Here, too, we learn about     abundance and wealth: flowers, herbs, wild orchids, ancient trees and bizarre rock formations. My wish is, to show these soulful landscapes and convey a piece of the magic, that is inherent in them.

wild carrots                                     

mixed media 30 cm x40 cm