ALAN HEDGES                    

fine art and mosaics


I was born in Wales. We bought land in Kamilari in 2002 and built a house.I trained as an engineer and spent my working life in IT. I have spent more time using PowerPoint than a paintbrush. About eight years ago a friend started an informal art group. We meet on Sundays, paint, provide encouragement and have a potluck lunch.   A teacher (Sharma Fenton, Saktouria) gave me an         introduction to painting with acrylics. Later, I took some workshops in mosaics and linocuts. I take most of my     inspiration from the plants growing in our garden. My work has no purpose other than the enjoyment it gives me.   




40 x 40, Acrylic on canvas


32 x  32,  Tile on plywood base


50 x 70 cm, Acrylic on canvas