BORN: 1975 in Landshut /Germany


STUDIES: Communication design in Freiburg/Germany
cultural and information science in Regensburg/Germany


LIFE: in Landshut, Germany
and Kamilari, Crete


WORK: art, illustration, design and behind a bar

In my art I am interested in lines, forms and figures. Where do they break and divide,  which parts of them come together and reconnect, some lose hemselves in the void, some create new entities and some are stuck.
It is all a mirror of a moving existence, falling down and being in  a state of  endless reinventing realms.

fine art

HOPE RUN FEAR  | ink on paper | 40  x 28 cm

DEFENDER | ink on paper | 42x24cm

                STRANGE PLACE | ink on paper | 27 x 34 cm

FIGHT WITH DEVOURER | ink on paper | 42 x 34 cm

             IN EAR CONNECTED | ink on paper | 26x 26 cm

ODD | ink on paper | 27  x 33 cm


ink on paper | 42x28cm


 ink on paper | 36x28cm


ink on paper | 42  x 28 cm


NO TITLE | watercolor | 38  x 27 cm

NO TITLE | watercolor | 38  x 27 cm